Canberra Antiques and Vintage Fair

Decadent to cater the Canberra Fair

place setting by Decadent, caterers for the Canberra Everything Deco to Retro Fair

Catering for the
Canberra Everything Deco to Retro Fair 2017
by Decadent Catering of Canberra

Catering division of Decadent Restaurant provides hearty sustinance to fairgoers.


We are thrilled to welcome Decadent as our catering partner for the Canberra Everything Deco to Retro (with Antiques and Vintage) Fair.

Di and her staff are serving up fabulous food. They are more than capable of producing the fancy stuff, but we asked for something suitable for fairgoers with reasonable prices, and they certainly delivered! It is a varied homestyle menu of delicious sandwiches, snacks and beverages and I had many, many compliments, it was very gratifying. Visitors seem stunned that it’s not just ‘meh’ type food.

I myself had a toasted chicken and cheese sandwich which was delicious and my companions at lunch said all their meals were amazing, too. I meant to go back for a doughnut but got caught up in something else – oh, I could kick myself.

So you don’t have to worry about getting hungry; the food’s terrific, trust me.

You can check it out on the final day of the fair: tomorrow, Sunday 5 March 2017, from 10am-4pm.