Canberra Antiques and Vintage Fair

AVF Canberra Antiques Fair a smash hit

By all accounts the AVF Canberra Antiques Fair was a runaway success. Dealers were delighted and the public were enthralled. Everything from the goods on offer to the food drew praise. Among the many compliments received were kudosĀ for the venue (the Canberra Southern Cross Club), which was described as ‘great’ and ‘comfortable’; ‘you could move around’ and for the quality of antiques and collectables exhibited. More than one person commented that the fair was ‘fresh’ and that it was good to see a variety of new dealers and merchandise.

That the fair would be as successful as it was was hardly a foregone conclusion, as in the weeks immediately preceding the Fair, the organisers received several verbal reports that there had been unsportsmanlike threats made from another quarter, warning dealers against participating in the AVF fair on peril of being dropped from another one. This despite the fact that prior to issuing invitations for the Canberra Antiques and Vintage Fair, the AVF promoters stated publicly that they would notĀ solicit any dealers who were known to be regular participants in the other, more well known fair in Canberra. In what can only be considered an Act of Karma, those dealers who attended posted high selling volume for the weekend, and are keen to return. The organisers are therefore planning to make this an annual event. We think that variety and honest competition are part and parcel of an open society, and we look forward with great anticipation to the next event.